Friday, July 11, 2008

End-User Highlight: Goosetown Communications

End-User Highlight: Goosetown Communications SACRAMENTO, CA JULY 11, 2008 - This month we interviewed Joey Gottlieb from Goosetown Communications, a leading service provider for communications equipment used by public safety agencies.

IA: What do you use Inductive Automation software for in your company or facility?

Joey: It is used to monitor a 14-site radio network. We monitor AC and DC voltages, Security, Equipment Alarms, Tower Lights (for FAA and FCC compliance), temperatures and generators.

IA: Why did you choose Inductive Automation software?

Joey: The clientless architecture and the ability to bring cameras and other imagery in to the system.

IA: What features have you found most useful to your specific process?

Joey: SQLTags and the graphing objects.

IA: How has the introduction of SQL affected your development and implementation?

Joey: It has made it much simpler.

IA: What have you found to be the main benefits of the software?

Joey: Ease of use and the total integration of the package.

IA: How do you plan on using IA software in the future?

Joey: We are planning a similar installation for a mission-critical communications system. This system will also have and SNMP to OPC bridge integrated into the system for total network monitoring through the IA software.

IA: Is there anything else you can say regarding your experience with Inductive Automation?

Joey: We have only needed to call support once and they answered the questions immediately. The forums are a wealth of information.


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